Talking technology

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Talking Technology

By: | 23th June 2014
By Matthew Aylett, University of Edinburgh
“Speech (o que se di, o discurso) is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he” — Publilius Syrus Roman author, 1st century B.C.
We know there is something special about speech. Our voices are not just a means of communicating, although they are superb at communicating, they also give a deep impression of who we are. They can betray our upbringing, our emotional state, our state of health. They can be used to persuade and convince, to calm and to excite. So, what can we do if a person loses the power of speech? What can we do if we want to grant the power of speech to our machines and tools? The answers lie with speech synthesis technology.
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Pigeon flies 5 miles/7 km to meet 5th grader at school

                   Tara Atkins holds her pet pigeon, Foresta, in Helena, Montana – AP photos

A fifth-grader has one special bird. She thought it was lost. Then it showed up at her school. Tara Atkins lives in Montana. Her pet pigeon had disappeared Tuesday. One day later, it showed up at her school. That's about 5 miles away.
The bird caused a ruckus at Central-Linc Elementary. First it sat on a teacher's head.
Principal Vanessa Nasset said it was just "sky-bombing everyone."
Nasset then asked Tara for help. A parent remembered the girl had a pet pigeon.
Tara recognized Foresta by her distinct coloration.
"I was pretty happy," Tara said.
Another fifth-grader, Owen Cleary, finally caught the bird. He threw a blanket over it while it sat on his head.
Tara's mom said no one knows how the bird ended up at school.
"It is the most amazing thing," she said.

- Posted on May 27, 2014