Although Spanish is the happiest language in the world, don´t forget  your English.



Researchers from the University of Vermont found that Spanish, Portuguese, and English are the happiest languages. They picked 100,000 popular words from 10 languages and asked 5 million native speakers (total) to rate how positive or negative they are. Although all the languages had a positive bias – more positive words than negative ones – Chinese was the least happy.

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For the football fans

Spanish League Schedule 2014-15


When the Spanish League 2014-15 Season Starts ?
It has been reported that La Liga 2014-2015 season will begin on 23th August 2014 with Spanish Super cup game to be played a week before that. The 23th August 2014 date is confired.
When the Spanish La Liga fixture list is announced:
The dates for the fixtures release varies from year to year, Real Madrid and FC Barclona have kind of monoply when it comes to La Liga schedule so the fixture list wont be out until both the big clubs have their say in the schedule and they find they try to get a perfect schedule for themselves. Last year fixtuers were announced around mid july and we can expect the same this year maybe in the first week of July
Spanish La Liga Fixtues 2014-2015:
Once the La Liga fixtures has been confirmed and announced we will change the formate of this page into the “fixture template” which will contain full La Liga schedule. So you can bookmark this page and visit back once the fixtures are announced.

LA LIGA Fixtures will be announced today at 12:30 CET:
Finally the fans will get the first list of fixtures for the 2014-15 Spanish La Liga season, as I write now the fixtures are being compiled we will update this page in fixture formate once they are out and updated.


      1. Real Madrid vs Barcelona – 26th October 2014
      2. Barcelona vs Real Madrid –  22nd March 2015
      3. Barcelona vs Atletico - 11th January 2015
      4. Atletico vs Barcelona - 17th May 2015
      5. Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid – 14th September 2014
      6. Atletico vs Real Madrid – 08th February 2015
LA Liga Opening Day Fixtures  - Confirmed
Date Match

24 August Sevilla vs Valencia

24 August Levante vs Villarreal

24 August Barcelona vs Elche

24 August Granada vs Deportivo

24 August Rayo Vallecano vs Atletico Madrid

24 August Eibar vs Real Sociedad

24 August Real Madrid vs Cordoba

24 August Almeria vs Espanyol

24 August Malaga vs Athletic Bilbao