2015 PRESS WEEK (in collaboration with Normalización Linguística Department)

What would happen if there is NO NEWS in particular, nothing to say in a TV news program?

Think about it because we'll discuss it in class this Press Week.

Pictures you can touch in Prado Museum

The video is not in English but it's worth it anyway

Touch art at the
Touching the Prado is a new exhibition at the Prado Museum in
Madrid. Six famous paintings by artists like.Normally when you
visit a museum there are many signs that say,“Do not touch”, but there is a new exhibition 
 you can touch famous works of art! In the Prado Museum in Madrid Goya and Velazquez 
printed using 3D technology. This gives blind and visually impaired visitors the 
 to touch the paintings so they can feel the
different textures and “see” with their fingers.Visitors who are fully sighted 
can use opaque glasses, which make it difficult to see, 
so they can experience the paintings
from a different point of view using the sense of touch.
There are audio guides for people to listen
to and Braille to read information about the artwork.
You can visit the exhibition until the 28th of
June 2015. Are you going to touch the Prado?