A still life on the wall

This is the big still life we made at school with Year 1 students.
Beautiful, isn’t it?
This is the procedure to do it:
To the top part of the table every student (total 16) fills a squared paper with pieces  of crepe paper.
Every student paints a big sized item of fruit. The teachers made an outline with a thick felt tip and the children cut it out. Teachers make a big paper basket for the children to be coloured.
We paint the background on a large piece of white paper roll with tempera/poster paint. This is the wall behind the table.
We stick the pieces of squared paper on it, the basket on the table and the fruits on the wall and inside the basket.
It’s done!!. 
We spent just two sessions to  do it and we like it. We also had lots of congratulations from the rest of the children and teachers.